Here We Go

So there I was, re-writing my stories and re-inventing my characters. There were tons of problems to fix (least of which were just bad ideas). But I knew I could do this. You know, eventually. I signed up for a Fiction Writing class in my community college. I ended up taking the advanced one threeContinue reading “Here We Go”

Where Was I?

Holy HELL its been a long time. Almost… *checks watch* A YEAR?? If nothing else says “Jen, you are a bad blogger” like this, nothing will. I want to try to remedy that and post more often, because a LOT is going on. Maybe I can do a post or two a month… …she said,Continue reading “Where Was I?”

Getting Revenge

I’ve seen some writers mention killing off people they don’t like in their stories. I don’t know if this is revenge, per se, or just letting off some steam that can’t be done any other way. And I mean, I’ve done this. I once wrote a female version of my brother’s therapist, only to killContinue reading “Getting Revenge”

Hide and Seek

I’m doing something a little out of my “safe space” here, but as it’s been awhile, I thought why not? Not terribly long ago, I ran across a YouTube video by Lizz Robinett (posted waaaay back in 2014, so I’m waaay late) and instantly loved it. It was the sort of creepy, get-under-your-skin type ofContinue reading “Hide and Seek”


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